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Coating Materials

Palm-coated gloves show higher efficiency in grip, abrasion resistance, water resistance, etc. than ordinary gloves, making them suitable for use in automatic, metal, and construction industries which require dexterity. There are various materials for glove coating such as foam nitrile, latex, and polyurethane and each material show a different performance when coated. These features make it difficult for people to choose the best gloves for themselves.

In this content, we will check the characteristics and differences of foam nitrile, latex, and polyurethane coating, and find out which environment is suitable and the best for each material.


Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethane is not bulky but has soft and flexible features, and these features make polyurethane-coated gloves more puncture-resistant and cut-resistant. The flexibility and durability of polyurethane shows good performance in a variety of industries especially those industries who have a higher risk of being cut. However, polyurethane is not recommended at temperatures above 79°C because of its poor resistance to high temperatures.


Foam Nitrile 

Nitrile provides excellent comfort, and foam nitrile has a sponge-like structure that absorbs oil or liquid and displaces them, providing excellent grip for worker in workplaces with oily or wet conditions. Foam nitrile gloves are the best gloves for handling greasy parts, such as metal and machinery, as they show three times stronger resistance to puncture, cut, tear, and oils than regular rubber-coated gloves and can withstand temperatures between -4°C and 149°C.


Latex has excellent durability and provides high elasticity and grip compared to other glove coating materials. Therefore, it is suitable for industries such as construction, waste management, and metal manufacturing. However, since latex can cause allergies, people need to consider its health characteristics before using it.


Recognizing the importance of coating materials in enhancing glove performance, MUVEEN DEX FIT gloves leverage the potential of these materials to deliver superior hand protection. Whether you require exceptional puncture and cut resistance, superior grip in oily conditions, or flexibility and durability, MUVEEN DEX FIT offers a range of gloves with coatings tailored to specific industry needs.
By understanding the unique characteristics of foam nitrile, latex, and polyurethane coatings, you can confidently choose the gloves that best suit your specific industry requirements, ensuring comfort, safety, and productivity in every task.

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