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Who is MUVEEN?

MUVEEN is committed to creating comfortable personal protective equipment (PPE) for the diverse needs of workers, that saves businesses and workers money with proactive safety practices and prevention.

With offices in Seattle and Seoul and warehouses in Europe and the US, MUVEEN is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of work safety products both locally and globally. We are committed to innovation in all aspects of our work because we recognize the need for high-quality and comfortable PPE using the best materials. We manufacture and sell our products to ensure you won't be disappointed.

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Why Choose Muveen?

We provide a complete line of PPE: cut, puncture, and tear-resistant gloves, tough mechanic gloves and quality nitrile gloves for your everyday jobs, and safety glasses designed to effectively protect you from hazardous conditions. Our products pass rigorous quality checks for ultimate performance. We adhere to the highest industry standards for comfort, durability, and protection.

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