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Safety Glasses Fogging Up? Use These Tips to Stop the Fog

Safety Glasses Fogging Up? Use These Tips to Stop the Fog

Imagine this, you are diligently working to complete the task at hand, but suddenly your safety glasses start fogging up causing you to lose concentration. Should you take them off risking injury to your eyes by flying materials or should you keep them on potentially reducing the quality of your work? While it might be convincing to throw them aside, that might be one of the worst things you could do. After all, keeping your eyes safe is very important! 

Wearing Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

You may consider wearing safety glasses that include a special coating on the lens tasked with reducing the accumulation of fog. While you can buy anti-fog sprays or use anti-fog wipes to coat safety glasses yourself, there are a variety of anti-fog safety glasses on the market today. MUVEEN’s DEX FIT Safety Glasses SG210 were treated with an anti-fog coating on both the interior and exterior so you wouldn’t have to worry about your safety glasses fogging up again. Not only do they protect your eyes from UV rays but they also have scratch-resistant lenses and adjustable non-slip arms among other features. 

Cool Down Your Face and Head

Fogging occurs for a variety of reasons such as humidity, breathing, heat, and sweat. Air gets trapped between the face and the lenses causing the glasses to fog up. Those who work in the construction, manufacturing, and electrical industries are especially prone to foggy glasses, though there is no discrimination amongst industries. Reducing moisture and cooling down your face and head by wearing absorbent products that soak up a sweat such as headbands will be helpful. Bringing handy towels can be useful as well so you can wipe off your sweat anytime and anywhere.

Secure Your Mask Properly

As the world has gone through one of the largest pandemics known, masks have been an important factor to help contain the spread of the virus. While masks have done wonders throughout the pandemic, they have caused minor inconveniences such as causing safety glasses to fog up. It is important to purchase masks that fit your personal face shape. Then, as most masks have mask clips, it is critical to forming the mask clip around your nose to prevent air from escaping. Lastly and if possible, the glasses should sit on top of your mask, preventing escaping air and reducing the fog.

Final Thoughts

While it may be comfortable to take off your safety glasses, applying the tips above can reduce the inconvenience of fog while on the job. Do not become part of the statistical group of workers injured on the job because they did not protect themselves using proper personal protective gear. To find out more information regarding MUVEEN’s safety glasses line and other personal protective equipment like cut-resistant gloves, check out our products here.

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