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MUVEEN at Pacific Marine Expo 2023: Elevating Maritime Safety

MUVEEN at Pacific Marine Expo 2023: Elevating Maritime Safety

Pacific Marine Expo (PME) isn't just a trade show; it's a vital annual gathering for the marine industry. This year, PME 2023 will be held in Seattle, Washington, from November 8th to 10th. In this blog post, we're thrilled to offer a preview of MUVEEN, your trusted safety partner, and our exciting contribution to this marine extravaganza, including a special happy hour celebration.


MUVEEN: Your Safety Partner:

MUVEEN is more than a brand; it's your dedicated safety partner in the maritime world. As manufacturers and suppliers of safety gear, including safety gloves, safety glasses, safety goggles, and mechanic goggles, we understand that safety is paramount for those who make their living on the water.

Why Visit MUVEEN at PME 2023:

Here's why you should prioritize MUVEEN at Pacific Marine Expo:

1. Comprehensive Safety Solutions: MUVEEN offers a comprehensive range of safety products tailored to meet the unique needs of the marine industry. Whether you're a commercial fisherman, mariner, or part of any maritime operation, our safety gear is designed to enhance your safety, comfort, and performance.

2. Expertise in Marine Safety: The MUVEEN team brings years of experience in maritime safety to the table. We understand the challenges of working on the water, and our products are meticulously crafted to ensure your protection and efficiency.

3. Booth #1051: You can find us at Booth #1051 at PME 2023. We're eager to engage with you, discuss your safety requirements, and showcase how our products can elevate your marine operations.

4. Networking and Collaboration: Beyond showcasing our safety solutions, MUVEEN is eager to connect with fellow professionals, share insights, and explore collaborative opportunities that can enhance safety and efficiency in the maritime industry.


Happy Hour Celebration:

Join us for a special happy hour on Thursday, November 9th, from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. It's a perfect opportunity to unwind, socialize, and enjoy a delightful time with the MUVEEN team and fellow marine industry enthusiasts. We look forward to raising a toast to safety and camaraderie.


Who Should Visit MUVEEN:

MUVEEN welcomes all professionals within the marine industry, including:

  • Commercial fishermen
  • Commercial vessel owners/operators
  • Passenger vessel owners/operators
  • Charter boat owner/operators
  • Shipyards, commercial boat builders, recreational boat builders
  • Engineers and architects
  • Captains, operators, and owners of large charter and pleasure yachts
  • Seafood processors
  • Port officials and port engineers
  • Harbormasters
  • Marina operators
  • Marine surveyors
  • Military buyers and governmental officials

We invite you to visit us at Booth #1051, explore our safety solutions, and be part of our special happy hour celebration on Thursday, November 9th (3:30pm-4:30pm). At MUVEEN, we're not just a safety partner; we're a community that values safety on the water. See you there!

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